What's Next? Episode 9 Hattie Marsden - What's Next?

Episode 9

Published on:

17th Oct 2020

9 Hattie Marsden

We have a ramble with Asia M&A expert Hattie Marsden from SI Partners about the M&A activity in the creative sector, building a resilient businesses and the importance of great people and strong corporate culture as USPs if you’re looking to sell. 

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About the Podcast

What's Next?
A podcast asking one simple question... Hosted by Suzy Goulding & Andrew Clark, produced by AsiaWorks
As the world emerges from the shadows of a pandemic, we're all wondering what's next? Has our experience in lockdown altered the future we expected or has it simply accelerated ongoing change?

What's in store for us over the next few years? Join Singapore-based hosts Suzy Goulding and Andrew Clark as they ask leaders across Asia working in media, marketing, communications and lifestyle one simple question: What's next?

About your hosts

Suzy Goulding

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Suzy is originally from Newcastle upon Tyne which means she has no need of a coat and can drink most people under the table. When not helping brands communicate better she can be found making cakes out of cannellini beans or binge-reading autobiographies, preferably by dead rock stars.

Andrew Clark

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Andrew is half Scottish and half Malagasy and lives in Singapore, yet sounds curiously like Daddy Pig when he chortles. Which he does frequently. When not gesticulating wildly with creative ideas for clients, he can be found playing a variety of musical instruments whilst simultaneously drinking whisky and cooking a roast. Apart from making videos and films, meat-eating is his favourite thing.